The way it works

We are everywhere

Buddie is an integration with major voice assistants and other text based platforms, we are like the engine of a car, and we work with many cars. Some of the voice assistants that we want our project to work on are:

Amazon's Alexa

Microsoft's Cortana

Google Assistant

However we are not limited to voice, as we said, we want to be there for you anytime you need us, that’s why we are also working to integrate with many of the major text-based platforms such as:



Facebook Messenger

All of them will allow you to connect with one Buddie account, meaning you can use all of Buddie services anywhere, anytime, no downloads, we use the existing apps on your phone, tablet and computer to provide the service.

How we get the perfect time and date

One of the major problems Buddie solves for you is the search for the perfect time and date for your meetings, and although there are some services out there right now that connect to your calendar they just allow you to show to someone else your free slots on your calendar, however Buddie will know the free slots of time on the calendar of everyone attending the meeting and will recommend the best date and time (though this can be tweaked if any of the sides prefer a different time)

We do this by integrating with different services such as Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook Calendar, Microsoft Calendar among others. what makes it better is that you will be able to link more than one calendar to your buddie account so we search for free slots of time on every calendar you have (in case you have an event on one account and not on the other) the result is one account with all of your meetings and events included and a perfect knoledge of your free slots of time.

How we select the best place

We want your meeting experience to be one that you will not forget, this is why we will not only help you with times but also with the perfect place, comparing your taste and everyone else’s with a big (huge, really really big) database with lots of places around the world perfect for every occasion. This way the place will fit everyone and the communication will be more fluent by creating a comfortable enviroment.

How we know your taste

The most difficult part about Buddie is the recommendations, since that for doing this we need to understand how our users think and learn overtime through their experience to create the perfect experiences for them; for doing this we will do a personality test (super short) to understand some basic traits of their preferences and taste and overtime we will ask for feedback to tune their profile inside Buddie to recommend better experiences.