More than smart meetings, smart experiences

The only AI Meeting planner that helps you arrange place and time according to each preferences

Smart time

Buddie is all about time saving and time management, he can help you arrange meetings in the perfect moment if you don’t specify when you want the meeting to happen as we check on everyone attending’s calendar the perfect time slot

Smart place

No need to search again “restaurants near me” or “coffee shops near me” and checking which place everyone likes the best to go hang out, we do that calculating one spot according to the attendees personality and everyone’s location. A middle point in every sense.

Getting smarter

Buddie uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from your feedback after each meeting which makes it enhance your experience after each meeting. 

Integrated with your lifestyle

As we are going to be an integration with many of the major platforms out there right now we will be there when you need us, anytime, anywhere without having to download anything; Buddie lives in the cloud

Love it like we do?

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Important info to spanish speakers / Información en español

Por el momento no contamos con información en español del proyecto; si deseas conocer más tenemos el siguiente material para que conozcas más acerca de Buddie