More than smart meetings, smart experiences

What is it about?

Buddie is an AI driven integration for the best voice assistants out there, such as Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. It will end the hazle of planning a meeting with your friends, your family or anyone. Our AI is capable of understanding situations, personality and more.

He’s bud, our brand mascot (We love him)

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Here's how it works:

Want to make a plan with your friends? with your co-worker to talk? just pull your phone up, long press the home button so the assistant pops up and tell her 

"Hey (assistant), tell buddie that i want to hang out"

If you have a more specific kind of meeting in mind, you can specify

"Hey (assistant), tell buddie that i want to grab a coffee with Sam, Freddie and Carly tomorrow"

(Reference hidden captain)

And from here on, the magic occurs

We'll send the invites for you

We'll tell Sam, Freddie and Carly that you have a plan to grab coffee tomorrow and see who accepts and who declines.

According to who's attending we'll select the best spot

According to everyone's personality, budget and location we'll look for the perfect place to hang out

If you don't specify we'll do it for you

We'll check everyone's calendar to see when everyone is available and accordingly arrange the meeting

Tweak it out

We'll send you and your friends (in this example) the place that we think will suit you best with the time we believe is the perfect one so you can make any modifications and make the reservation (if available)

Hang out

It's all set, go experience something new, perfect for everyone; and if we see something that you and your friends may like (like a close-by event) we'll tell you so you can also go there!


After the magic happens, we'll ask you to give us feedback about the place and your experience, so next time we can take you somewhere else that you'll like

For every occassion

It will look for the best spot according to the occasion,  looking for a place to have a meeting? we’ll look for quiet spots with wi-fi and plugs. Hanging out with friends? We’ll look for something fun to do (we’ve got you covered)

And we will do this according to everyone's personality, creating unforgettable experiences.

Forget the place, we do that

Don’t ever struggle with the “wherever you want to go is fine” lines, Buddie checks who is attending and according to their personality, calculates the best place to hang out, so everyone enjoys it.

More than smart meetings, smart experiences

We make it easy to plan, whether it is for the next week or for today, we’ll send the invites, and calculate the place (we even calculate the best time if you don’t)

We'll be there when you need us

As we are aiming to be an integration, you won’t need to download anything, no more used space on your phone; all cloud-based and integrated with your assistant.

“Twenty years from now you’ll will be more disappointed about the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”

-Mark Twain

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